Hampton Yachts is Celebrating 50 years of Excellence

Nov 20-15, 2018 | Shanghai, China
Hampton Yacht Group


The history of Hampton Yachts begins in Taiwan 50 years ago where the Chen Family built the famous Formosa line of sailing yachts under the direction of the family’s patriarch, C.Y. Chen.

In 1992 the Hampton Yacht Building Company was established and was one of the first Taiwanese companies to start yacht building in China. With the passing of C.Y. Chen, Jeff Chen, Managing Director, and C.Y. Chen’s son, together with a select few investors and the Chen Family, expanded on his father’s vision. Jointly they built the high tech facilities of today, and initiated the development of the very successful Endurance LRC series, which garnered international praise.

Today Hampton Yachts employs over 200 skilled craftsmen, finish carpenters, designers, engineers and naval architects.

While Hampton Yachts’ heritage began in Taiwan, the company’s success today, is very much a contemporary story. When the world-wide sailboat market started to soften, Hampton Yachts turned to Motor Yacht design and construction. Many of these new motor yachts were designed in-house under the able and talented direction of Jim Chen.

As success followed success, Naval Architect, Howard Apollonio was engaged to consult on new designs. One of the results of this ongoing collaboration, with considerable input from Hampton Dealers, has resulted in the Hampton Hybrid Hull that became the basis of the very successful Endurance Long Range Cruiser series. And more recently, a collaboration with renown yacht designer, J.C. Espinosa resulted in the new Hampton 830/860 and 780 Motor Yachts.

None of the success would have been possible without the unwavering commitment to quality; in design, construction engineering and craftsmanship. A commitment started 50 years ago in Taiwan, by C.Y. Chen and carried-on today through the leadership of his son, Jeff Chen and a host of carefully chosen craftsmen, artisans and a worldwide dealer network.

Hampton Quality

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